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Christmas Tree Candles / Kerstboomkaarsen

Xmas tree Candles.



Scandinavian Christmas tree candles that also fit into special christmas advent candle holders.
These candles are 100% produced from stearine which makes them quality candles and not prone to dripping.
Each box contains 20 white christmas candles. These are quality Scandinavian Christmas candles.

height: 11 cms (approx 41/2 inches) hoogte 110mm
diameter : 1.2 cms (1/2 inch), 12mm

Colours available:

Burning time:
approx 1.5hours / 1.5uur





4.20 euros per box of 20 candles. / 4.20 euros per doos 20 kaarsen

The prices quoted for the candles is inclusive VAT, VAT is 19% (Dutch Tax rate).
All prices are in Euros.
Alle genoemde prijzen zijn in euros en inclusief btw. Btw tarief Nederland 2011 is 19%.


Xmas tree Candles. Xmas tree Candles.

For candles only we have a separate shipping tariff list for the Netherlands and Belgium.
See the Shipping costs page.
Orders above the 75 euros will be delivered free within the Benelux region. This offer applies only to candles.

Voor alleen kaarsen, hebben wij voordelige verzendkosten voor Nederland en Belgie.
Zie de verzendkosten pagina.
Orders boven 75 Euro worden in de Benelux gratis bezorgd. Dit aanbod geldt alleen voor kaarsen.

Item: CP-CC-XSXmas tree Candles.



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